The Audiophiles New Favorite SUV - The All-New Nissan Kicks with Bose Personal Plus Sound System


Cars, trucks, and SUVs have always struggled with sound quality. The odd shapes all throughout make for some unusual acoustics and have made it hard to find a way to create a truly immersive sound. Our friends at Bose have dedicated themselves to creating the high-quality, immersive, and engaging listening experience that you want. Starting with the Nissan Micra, featured in the video above, Nissan and Bose have brought the Bose Personal Plus Sound system to the all-new Nissan Kicks for your life in Michigan.

Bose Quality All Around


By analyzing the interior of your new Nissan Kicks, Bose has found a way to optimize sound quality, by adjusting and arranging speakers all throughout the cabin for an unmatched sound. What's truly unique about this system is the UltraNearField headrest speakers with PersonalSpace® signal processing. These speakers wrap you in a 360-degree sound, so you'll have all the depth and clarity of sound that you love. In addition to the two headrest speakers, you'll find 8 high-performance speakers, that have been crafted specifically for your Nissan Kicks, for a rich sound all throughout.

The only way to experience the overall quality, not just when it comes to sound systems, is to take a new Nissan Kicks for a test drive right here in Ann Arbor! We're sure you'll fall in love with the performance, versatility, and of course, the high-powered audio and sound that you love. Browse through our online inventory of new Nissan Kicks models today to find your favorite with ease.

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