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How to Choose the Best Oil for Winter & Your Car

No matter what type of car you have, choosing the proper engine oil is essential to maintaining and extending the life of your vehicle. Engine oil is rated based on its viscosity, which is how thick or thin your oil is. Think of it like how honey and olive oil flow when poured. You'll notice most oils are rated with a "W", like 5W30 or 10W30. The W stands for "winter" and the lower the number before it, the better it performs in colder weather.

Conventional Oil

This is your standard motor oil. This oil is versatile, and suitable for many makes and models of cars. Though, it does contain some impurities.

Synthetic Blend Oil

This oil is a blend of synthetic and conventional motor oil, creating a more cost-effective oil than going full-synthetic. If you have an SUV or pickup truck, a synthetic blend is a common choice in Ypsilanti.

Full Synthetic Oil


This oil contains a minimal amount of impurities, making it the smart choice for higher-performance engines. It also flows well at low temperatures so you can drive with confidence all winter long in Novi.

High Mileage Oil


If you have a Nissan that you've loved for years and years in Jackson MI, choosing a high-mileage oil can help prevent leaks and reduce oil consumption thanks to special additives and conditioning agents.

Keep Up with A Routine Oil Change Schedule!


This is arguably the most important part of vehicle ownership in Canton MI and beyond. Keeping up with routine oil changes can help prevent wear, excess buildup, and unnecessary damage to your Nissan car, truck, or SUV. We can help you set up a routine oil change schedule that meets your lifestyle and vehicle needs, all the while helping you pick the ideal engine oil.

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