Making the Switch to Winter Wiper Blades

As the colder weather rolls in, it is important that you address the shape of your old wiper blades by replaced them for a new winter version. Here is why to visit the dealership to get your vehicle fitted for new winter wiper blades.

When the weather gets colder, the rubber in your wiper blades begin to harden and could tear. The construction of the winter wiper blades resists that tearing and will last the who season without incident.

The winter wiper blades are covered in a rubber shell that hides the metal framework from having to come in contact with the snow and ice. This allows the wipers to easily flex even in freezing conditions so that the glass is wiped clean every time. The winter blades are designed to be able to move heavy snow without the arm bending.

Bring the car to Fox Ann Arbor Nissan, and your vehicle will leave with a new set of winter wiper blades.
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