Don’t Get Stuck in the Snow Because You Didn’t Have This Material

​It’s winter time in the Northern Hemisphere – particularly, in Ann Arbor, MI.

Although the weather this winter in Florida will unarguably be lukewarm the entire winter – Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day – in Michigan it will be unbearably cold, not to mention yield loads of wintry precipitation that can cause us potential problems.

You should keep a tool or machine that can help bail you out of tough situations this winter, as you could find yourself stranded, in the middle of nowhere, without any help, any smartphone service, or hardly any traffic.

Kitty litter and sand can be placed under spinning-out tires, creating friction, thus moving your vehicle. Salt can be used for melting ice and snow out of your driveway, although once it’s colder than 12 degrees, salt is useless. Sand can also be used for your driveway, as well.

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